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Fresh drinks with a classic movie twist

Happy and Healthy is the Way to Go! At Groovy Smoovies, we are dedicated to providing healthy and happy options to our customers who want to live more and enjoy more. Our fun but not overbearing menu consists of customized drinks that are made with the freshest fruits and vegetables and have been named after Classic Hollywood Movies but with our own little twist on them. We’re a family friendly company who doesn’t view our customers as mere “customers” but rather as family and friends and is dedicated to providing them with the highest and best customer service possible.

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This is such a cute smoothie shop. I love the movies theme. I got the West Side Smorey and Beauty and the Peach; they were both so delicious, 10/10 would recommend !!

Lindsay H.

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Best Smoothies in America hands down. So delicious. Great place for a lunch break or an afternoon pick up. You can't go wrong with this place! Good price point for a smoothies also.

Justin J.

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The smoothies here are excellent. We had The Green Smile and Purple Reign. The location is great and the interior ambiance is adorably themed. On top of that, the owner Anton and his family are plain wonderful people.

Mary Frances S.

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Super tasty ingredients. They have freeze dried fruits imported from out of state that really make the difference; Naturally Sweet, powerful flavor. Their smoothie combinations are amazing. Out of the 4 smoothies I've had from here, my favorite smoothie has changed 3 times.

C. K.

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